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Brig Dolphin sent to procure Powder in Foreign Ports, Publick Notice given that the Committee of Safety lend Money


Wednesday, January 17, 1776.

In Committee of Safety: Present — John Nixon, Chairman, Henry Wynkoop, James Biddle, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Daniel Roberdeau, John Cadwallader, Anthony Wayne, Francis Johnson, James Mease, Alexander Wilcocks.

Upon motion of Mr˙ Thomas Wharton, one of the Committee for importing and procuring of Powder, Arms, &c˙, for the use of this Province,

Resolved, That they, the said Committee, load the Brig Dolphin, Captain Prole, with the produce of this Colony, for the purpose of procuring the said articles from foreign ports; and that the following Certificate be issued, viz:

This is to certify, that Messrs˙ Robert Morris and Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, have permission to load the Brig Dolphin, Captain Prole, with the produce of these Colonies, the same being for account of this Province, agreeable to a resolve of the honourable the Congress, dated the 26th October, 1775.

Resolved, That the following Advertisement be published in the different Newspapers of this City, viz: Such persons as are willing to erect Powder-Mills in this Province, within fifty miles distance of this City, are desired to apply to the Committee of Safety, who will lend them money on security, if required, for that purpose, and give them other encouragements.

Resolved, That Colonel Wayne, Colonel Johnson, Mr˙ Bartholomew, and Mr˙ Reiley, be a Committee to examine that the Firelocks, Cartridge-Boxes, Knapsacks, &c˙, as ordered by Assembly to be provided by Chester County, are made agreeable to the said order of Assembly, and to the patterns delivered the Commissioners and Assessors of said County, and make return of the same to this Board.

Upon application of Captain Josiah Harmar, for the payment of eleven Firelocks, purchased by him for the use of his Company, in Colonel Bull' s Battalion, an Order was drawn on Messrs˙ Mease and Caldwell, for twenty-three pounds, twelve shillings and six pence, being the amount of the same.

Resolved, That Joseph Fox, Esq˙, advance to Gouger, Dunwick & Kinder, three men employed by him in making Fire-Arms, for the use of this Province, fifty pounds each, for which they are to deliver thirty-five stand of Arms, without receiving any payment; and Mr˙ Fox is directed to take their separate obligations.

Resolved, That Major Samuel Meredith and Captain Richard Peters, Jun˙, be appointed in the place of Colonel Shee and Colonel Cadwallader, who,with Captain Wilcocks, were authorized by this Board to contract for one thousand Firelocks and Bayonets.