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Petition of Lydia Paddock


To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, in NEW-ENGLAND:

Most humbly sheweth Lydia Paddock, wife of Thomas Paddock, of Middleborough, in behalf of her husband aforesaid, that he, the said Thomas, fitted out a vessel for the West-Indies, laden with Lumber, and had a clearance for the same, and the consent of the Committee for the voyage; but by some evil-minded person the vessel was stopped proceeding on her voyage, and the said Thomas is confined to his farm, as your petitioner supposeth, under an apprehension of being unfriendly to his Country: but no evidence is produced by which he has justly forfeited the esteem and favour of his countrymen. His vessel and cargo are spoiling, himself and family suffering, and he totally ignorant of any thing he has done contrary to the safety of his Country, or the advice of the Continental or Provincial Congresses. Therefore your petitioner roost humbly prays the interposition of this honourable Court, and that your petitioner' s husband may proceed on said voyage with said vessel and cargo, having no other design but to benefit himself and his Country. And your petitioner, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.


August 15, 1775.