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An estimate of the number of men necessary to transport provisions for ten thousand men from Albany to Canada


An estimate of the number of Men necessary to transport Provisions for ten thousand men from ALBANY to CANADA, specifying the manner in which it is conveyed.

Ten thousand weight of Pork, is 50
Ten thousand weight of Flour, 55
Add for Sundries, 15
To leave Albany each day, 120
At Albany the provision is put into batteaus capable of carrying thirteen barrels, when Hudson River has plenty of water; but henceforward only ten barrels will be carried in each batteau. Thus it will take twelve batteaus; but I have stationed fourteen between Albany and Half-Moon, (which are about ten miles apart,) to make up for rainy days and accidents; each of these batteaus are navigated by three men, 42
From Half-Moon it is conveyed in wagons to Stillwater; the distance twelve miles.  
From Stillwater it is conveyed to Saratoga, twelve miles further in fourteen boats, 42
From thence it is conveyed two miles by land to McNeil' s, and four batteaus receive it there and convey it to Fort Miller, which is about three and a half miles, 12
Here is a land carriage of half a mile above the Falls; thence it is carried in fourteen batteaus, and the river being rapid and incommoded with rifts or small falls, each boat must have four men, the distance about eight miles, 56
From Fort Edward it is carried to Fort George by land, distance fifteen miles. On Lake George we have a flat-bottomed boat with sails, which will carry about two hundred barrels; and allowing five days for a trip, she carries at the rate of forty barrels a day, and is navigated by 8
Eleven batteaus carrying thirty barrels each, and navigated by seven men, making a trip in four days, convey at the rate of about eighty-two barrels, (the length of the Lake thirty-six miles,) 77
From the north end of Fort George it is conveyed one and a half mile by land to Lake Champlain, where it is put in one batteau, making four trips a day, and carried to Ticonderoga, the distance about one and a half mile, 7
On Lake Champlain we have two schooners, a sloop and a row-galley, which may carry about six hundred barrels, and make a voyage to St˙ Johns (about one hundred and twenty miles) in ten days, which is at the rate of sixty barrels a day, navigated by sailors, assisted by about 30
For the remaining sixty barrels per day, it will take twenty batteaus, carrying thirty barrels each, making a voyage in ten days, navigated by eight men each, 160
Allow for sick, lame; and lazy, 66


A guard at Half-Moon of privates, 12
A guard at Stillwater of privates, 12
A guard at Saratoga of privates, 24
A guard at McNeil' s of privates, 12
A guard at Fort Miller of privates, 12
A guard at Fort Edward of privates, 24
A guard at the landing at the north end of Fort George, and at the north side of the Carrying-place, 48
A guard at Crown Point, 24
Fort George should not by any means have a garrison less than 200
Ticonderoga should have a like number, 200
For opening Wood Creek and repairing roads, 232
Colonel Van Schaick' s Regiment by last return, 425
Colonel Wynkoop' s Regiment, supposed at most to be 300
Hired batteaumen, 100

If no flour is to be sent, it will reduce the number of men to be employed in batteaus to about two hundred and fifty. If, therefore, about two hundred and fifty men were sent to these posts, it would suffice.