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On the Petition of Lewis Allen, in behalf of his brother, Jolley Allen


Resolve on the Petition of LEWIS ALLEN, in behalf of his brother JOLLEY ALLEN; passed JUNE 14, 1776.

Resolved, That the prayer of the Petitioner be so far granted that he have liberty to take the seven children of the said Jolley Allen, for which he shall be paid out of the proceeds of the sales of the goods and effects of the said Jolley Allen £36 8s˙, lawful money, for the maintenance and support of the same: the Petitioner to give bonds in the sum of £100, that they shall not become chargeable to


the community for any further support or maintenance; and that he shall receive and support the said Jolley Allen; and that he shall not depart the County of Worcester, or hold correspondence with any persons, knowing them to be enemies to the liberties of America, till the further order of this Court.

That Mr˙ Nye, Mr˙ Kendell, and Mr˙ Thomas, be a Committee to receive all the goods and effects of the said Jolley Allen that can be found, and deliver the Petitioner, at Boston, the children' s four feather-beds and bedding, and the wearing apparel of the children and late wife of the said Jolley Allen, also his own wearing apparel; and the remainder of said goods and effects to be disposed of by said Committee, at publick auction; who are to pay the above sum of £36 8s˙ to the said Lewis Allen; also all necessary charges that have arisen or may arise in collecting and transporting said goods and effects; also the charges for supporting the said Jolley Allen and family at Provincetown, and to be accountable to the General Court for the same.