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Memorial of Robert and John Murray to the New-York Congress


Memorial of ROBERT MURRAY and JOHN MURRAY to the Honourable the Provincial Congress of NEW-YORK.

GENTLEMEN: The annexed papers are copies of what we laid before the honourable Continental Congress

, in


consideration of which they came to the following Resolution:

"In Congress, May 27, 1775.

"Upon motion, the Memorial of Robert Murray and John Murray, desiring to be restored to their former situation, with respect to their commercial privileges, was taken into consideration, and after some time spent thereon,

"Resolved, That where any person hath been, or shall be, adjudged by a Committee to have violated the Continental Association, and such offender shall satisfy the Convention of the Colony where the offences was or shall be committed, or the Committee of the Parish of St˙ John' s, in the Colony of Georgia, if the offence be committed there, of his contrition for his offence, and sincere resolution to conform to the Association for the future, the said Convention or Committee of the Parish of St˙ John' s aforesaid, may settle the terms upon which he may be restored to the favour and forgiveness of the publick, and that the terms be published.

"A true copy from the Minutes:


From the foregoing it appears, that to procure restoration to publick favour, we have no tribunal but yours to appeal to. The annexed papers exhibit a full state of our case, which we humbly submit to your consideration, not doubting but that in your wisdom you will afford us such relief as will be consistent with humanity and the publick good.


June 2, 1775.