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Colonel James Clinton to New-York Congress



Little-Britain, August 19, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I thought I would have been obliged to return to New-York when I left it, before I proceeded to Albany, in order to collect my Regiment from the different Counties in this Province, but as I see by a resolve of the Congress the three companies on Long-Island belonging to my Regiment are excepted from marching with the rest of our Regiments, I think I have no occasion to go down, therefore I intend to set off for Albany with the seven companies belonging to my Regiment next Monday, at which time I have reason to think they will be nearly


supplied with arms, and if we should be deficient I suppose we can receive some from New-York or Albany.

I hope you will inquire if the Commissary has sent up every thing belonging to my Regiment to Albany, that we may not be delayed there, for we cannot march without tents and blankets; we want axes, tomahawks, &c. I believe I could have bought blankets enough for a company from the country merchants if I had had orders, and I believe I must buy near thirty to bring with us to Albany, for fear they should not be sent there before we get up.

I am, Gentlemen, your most humble servant,


To the Honourable Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York.