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Conference Between the Two Houses


Message to the Legislative Council

Mr˙ Speaker and Gentlemen:

This House have appointed a Committee, to confer with a Committee of the Legislative Council, on the proper medium, and of the proper persons, for carrying on the intercourse and conveying messages to and from the Legislative Council and this House, respectively. We, therefore, desire that your Honours will be pleased to appoint a Committee, to confer with a Committee of this House in the Conference-Room, as soon as convenient, upon the above business. Our Committee are Captain Daniel Horry, Mr˙ Benjamin Elliott, the Honourable Mr˙ Drayton, Colonel Pinckney, and Captain Alexander Moultrie.

Ordered, That the said Message be signed by Mr˙ Speaker, and carried to the honourable the Legislative Council by Mr˙ John Parker and Mr˙ John Izard.

Mr˙ Parker reported that he, with Mr˙ Izard, had delivered the Message they had in charge to the Legislative Council.