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Bounty for the manufacture of Gunpowder proposed


Mr˙ Roosevelt, from the Committee to reconsider of the Bounty resolved to be given on Gunpowder, delivered in their Report, in the words following, to wit:

Your Committee for considering the Resolution of this Congress of the 9th of June last, for allowing a Bounty on all Gunpowder manufactured in this Colony, and also of proper encouragement to be given for the manufacture of Saltpetre, do report, that they conceive that this Congress cannot, consistent with honour, recede from the Resolution entered into respecting the Bounty on Gunpowder. That, notwithstanding, proper encouragement ought to be given for the manufacture of Saltpetre; that, therefore, they are of opinion that this Congress do enter into a resolution to stipulate the price of good and merchantable Saltpetre at half a Dollar for each pound that shall be matte in this Colony before the first day of October, 1776; and that they will purchase, on account of the United Colonies, all that the respective manufacturers cannot dispose of at that rate, to the manufacturers of Gunpowder, during the period aforesaid.

Your Committee do further report, that such a Resolution; is agreeable to a recommendation of the Continental Congress of the 28th of July last.

All which is most humbly submitted by your Committee.