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Proceedings of the Council from June 5 to July 6


Tuesday, July 2, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted, That the whole Council resolve themselves into a Committee to confer with the House, on the measures necessary to be taken on the present alarming state of our affairs in Canada, &c. Sent down for concurrence; brought back concurred.

Vote for the Committees of Plymouth, Compton, and Thornton, to have out of the Treasury £250, for procuring Firearms, Powder, Lead, and Flints, they giving security to the Treasury to repay said sum; brought up, read, and concurred, and order made out.

Vote brought up for delivering Captain Benjamin Hitchcock two hundred pounds of Gunpowder, in consequence of an order from the Committee of Newburyport, for so much due from us to them; read and concurred, and order made out.

Vote for a Committee to consider of supplying the Towns of Piermont, Orford, Alexandria, Wentworth, Warren, Lyme, New Chester, Rumney, and Salisbury, with Ammunition, brought up, read, and concurred; and Mr˙ Wentworth, Mr˙ Ashley, and the Secretary, added.

Vote for raising fifteen hundred men, instead of seven hundred and fifty voted before, to reinforce the Northern Army, and for a Committee to proportion them among the several Regiments of Militia to be raised by them, brought up, read, and concurred; and Mr˙ Thornton, Mr˙ Folsom, Mr˙ Ashley, Mr˙ Blanchard, and Mr˙ Thompson, joined by the Board.

Vote for Gunpowder, to be delivered as follows, viz: to the Town of Wentworth, 9 pounds; Warren, 9 pounds; Lyme, 30 pounds; New Chester, 30 pounds; Rumney, 30 pounds; Piermont, 30 pounds; Orford, 15 pounds; Alexandria, 22 pounds; Salisbury, 25 pounds; Colonel Bellows, for his Regiment, 200 pounds; Colonel Ashley, for


his Regiment, 100 pounds: amounting in the whole to 500 pounds; brought up, read, and concurred.

Vote for the following sums, to be delivered out of the Treasury, to buy Ammunition, viz: to Israel Morey, for Orford, £50; Alexander Craige and Michael Dwyer, for Rumney, £75; Jonathan Chandler, for Piermont, £50; they to give security for repaying the same.

Adjourned till tomorrow, eight o' clock, A˙ M.