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Resolved and Ordered, That Mr˙ John Taylor, of the County of Albany, be one of the Committee to proceed to Cumberland and Gloucester Counties, and that his name be inserted in the blank left among the names of that Committee yesterday.

On motion of Mr˙ Dunne, on behalf of the said Committee who reported on the said Letter from Cumberland County, and the Letter from Joab Hoisington, for the pay and subsistence of the Rangers directed to be raised for the defence of the said County of Cumberland, and of the County of Gloucester,

Ordered, That the said Committee have leave to sit again.

Mr˙ Stevens, one of the Members for the County of Cumberland, applied for leave of absence for three weeks, to visit his family; which is granted.

Whereas Mr˙ Stevens has applied for and obtained leave of absence for three weeks, to visit his family,

Resolved, That he be added to the Committee appointed to carry into effect the Resolutions of Convention of the 4th instant, respecting the County of Cumberland.

Ordered, That the Secretaries procure five hundred copies of the Resolutions relative to the Pay and Subsistence of the said Rangers printed, to be distributed in the Counties of Cumberland and Gloucester, and the other parts of this State.