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Answer of the Governour


His Excellency' s Answer.

Mr˙ Speaker and Gentlemen:

Immediately after my arrival in this Province, it was intimated to me by your Speaker, and some others of your Members, that it would be convenient for your private affairs, if I delayed meeting the General Assembly for about three weeks: on that account alone I consented to it, and therefore little expected the tacit reflection contained in the beginning of your Address .

As I have already declined entering into any discussion of the present unhappy disputes, I shall not undertake the disagreeable task of replying particularly to your Address, It was my duty to lay before you the fatal consequences that I apprehended must ensue from the measures lately adopted, and I have faithfully and conscientiously discharged it; but as they appear to you in so very different a point of view, as even to meet with your disapprobation, I most sincerely lament that I cannot prevent the ruin I foresee, and shall only add my fervent wishes, that the great Sovereign of the Universe, to whom your appeal, will in his goodness avert those evils with which this Country is so imminently threatened.


July 12, 1775.