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Letter to William Paulding


Resolved, That William Paulding, Esq˙, be, and he hereby is, appointed Commissary of the Militia raised and to be raised in this State to the northward of King' s Bridge, while in service on the east side of Hudson' s River, under the command of Brigadier-General Clinton. That he supply them with rations, agreeable to the Continental establishment, and that he make provision for continuing that supply; that he advise with Colonel Trumbull, the Commissary-General, on the mode of purchasing provisions and keeping his accounts, so that he may be enabled to keep his accounts in the same method with the Continental accounts of provisions, and that he take his future directions on this subject from Colonel Trumbull till further orders; and also that for this purpose he be, and hereby is, authorized to purchase, on the account of this State, any such provisions as may be necessary; for payment whereof, this Convention will provide means.

Thereupon, a draft of a Letter to Mr˙ Paulding was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

"SIR: General Clinton has been appointed to command the levies lately raised and draughted, or to be draughted, from the Militia to the northward of King' s Bridge, and is ordered, with the greatest part of his troops, to the fortifications a little to the northward of King' s Bridge. You will see by the copy of the enclosed resolution, that you are appointed Commissary for those troops while in service on the east side of Hudson' s River, under General Clinton' s command, until further orders, and that you are to take your further directions on this head from Colonel Trumbull, the Commissary-General. We desire your immediate attendance


to this business, and doubt not but you will exert your utmost endeavours to perform the same in the best manner.

"I am, sir, your very humble servant. By order.

"To William Paulding, Esq."

Ordered, That the same be (together with Mr˙ Paulding' s appointment) copied, signed by the President, and transmitted.