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List of Prisoners taken at Cape Anne


Head-Quarters, August 11, 1775.

SIR: By order of the Commander-in-Chief I sent to await your orders an officer' s party to escort seventeen seamen, taken prisoners at Machias, and one tory, Ichabod Jones. Thirty prisoners more, taken at Cape-Ann, will be at Charlestown to-day. I believe you will think it best to detain this party at Watertown, until that from Cape-Ann arrives, when they may have your orders to what Town they are to march, to be confined. I have already sent a number of prisoners to Springfield, and Tories to Worcester. Perhaps you may approve of placing those at Northampton, as there are so many at present at Springfield. I am, Sir, your most obedient servant,


To the Hon˙ James Otis.

List of Prisoners taken at CAPE-ANN, belonging to the FALCON, Sloop-of-War.

Robert Arnold, Master; William Robert Broton, Midshipman; Philabeth Demett, do˙; Justin Budd, Gunner; John Backster, Doctor' s Servant; Hugh Hushes, Marine; Thomas Nash, do˙; Jonathan Ellis, do˙; Abraham Elliot, do˙; Gyles Jones, do˙; John Mechum, do˙; William Allen, Steward; William Rickets, Captain of Forecastle; Hugh Jones, Sailmaker; Michael Love, Sailor; Thomas Taylor, Gunner, Yeoman; Win˙ Mackey, Quartermaster; John McRady, Michael Flynn, impressed, released since.

Sick and remaining in Ipswich Jail: Samuel Burd, impressed; John Doyle, Sailor; Matthew Cornish, Marine; John Clark, Cook' s Mate.

Wounded: John Warrick, Quartermaster; Joseph Murray, Quarter-Gunner.

Killed: John Molloy, formerly of Salem.

Taken, belonging formerly to Cape-Ann, and are now there: Duncan Piper, William Putam, George Rigg, John Cleaveland.