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May 13


IN PROVINCIAL CONGRESS, NEW-YORK, May 13, 1776. — It is hereby certified that the Sloop Francis, Christopher Clarke, master, bound from North-Carolina to this Port, was seized by Captain Parker, commander of a British ship-of-war named the Phenix, some time in December last, of which Mr˙ William Lowther informed this Congress soon after he got on shore, within sight of the City. That the said sloop was, in March last, by order of Captain Parker, sent away to the eastward; that advices were received that the Sloop was cast away on the Vineyard, in her way to Boston, and perished; that Mr˙ William Lowther went in pursuit of her some time after she sailed, and is since returned; that he has brought here and landed out that part of the cargo which was saved, fifty barrels of tar and turpentine, forty-six barrels of tobacco, and about two thousand staves; and that Mr˙ Lowther has farther informed us that the further quantity of one hundred and twenty barrels of tar and turpentine, and between five hundred and one thousand staves (part of the said cargo) have been preserved, besides those that have been brought back here.

[Endorsed May 13, 1776: In Provincial Congress. — Certificates Nothing on the Minutes to which this refers.]