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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee of Baltimore County, held at Mr˙ Grant' s, the 12th December, 1774: Present; Samuel Purviance, Chairman, John Merryman, Isane Vanbibber, Isaac Grist, William Spear, Barnet Eichelberger, David McMechen, George Lindenborger, John Deaver, Mark Alexander, Benjamin Griffith, Job Garretson, James Calhoun, Clerk in loco Dr˙ Boyd, who is absent.

Captain Elisha Thatcher and Mr˙ Mark Alexander, appeared before this Committee, and produced Bills of Lading for six pipes of Wine, imported by them in the Schooner Polly, from the Island of Madeira, which having arrived after the first of December, and the owners choosing to have it sold at vendue, rather than stored, this Committee desire that the above-mentioned six pipes of Madeira Wine be delivered into the hands of Messrs˙ William Spear and Barnel Eichelberger, who are to sell the same at publick vendue, and apply the amount of the sales as directed by the Continental Congress in such cases.