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Letter from John Glover to General Washington



Beverly, January 3, 1776.

SIR: I am to inform your Excellency, that John Thorner, steward, William Clark, William Wallis, and Thomas Gorthrop, seamen of the ship Jenny, Captain Forster, made an attempt to desert from said ship, and to go on board His Majesty' s ship Fowey, (now at anchor before this harbour,) but was discovered and prevented, by information of Andrew Rogers, second mate, and John Roberson, cabin-boy, of said ship, whom I have sent as evidence against them.

I would observe to your Excellency, that these persons have been treated with great kindness, and permitted to go at large, which, in my opinion, they have much abused in attempting to desert to the enemy. I have therefore sent them to Head-Quarters, to be dealt with as your Excellency shall think proper.

I am now endeavouring to man the armed vessels, which at present, is very difficult, on account of the men' s not being paid off for their past services, which is the only objection they have. Could that be done, I apprehend they would readily engage again. However, hope to man one or two of them in a few days, which nothing on my part shall be wanting to effect.

I am, respectfully, your Excellency' s most obedient servant,


To His Excellency General Washington.