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Application to Congress for Lieutenant Symes


Agreeably to a Resolve of yesterday, Colonel Cadwallader and Mr˙ Clymer drew up the following Memorial; which was approved of, and signed by the Vice-President:

To the Honourable the Continental Congress:

The Memorial of the Committee of Safety for the Province of Pennsylvania, showeth: That this Committee having carried into execution the sentence passed by Congress against Captain Campbell, Lieutenant Symes, and the several Soldiers under their command, by putting them into confinement in the Jail and Work-House of this City, they now beg leave to offer to Congress, at the instance and request of Lieutenant Symes, the reasons on which he grounds his pretensions to be considered and treated as a prisoner of war; that he came from England to Boston in the capacity of an Army Surgeon, and afterwards was commissioned as an officer in the Regiment of Royal Highland Emigrants; that being ordered on board the Transport Rebecca & Francis, placed under the absolute direction of Captain Campbell, whom he had never seen or heard of, he was ignorant of the nature of the service he was sent on, and of the instructions jointly issued by General Gage to him and Captain Campbell, until some days after he was at sea. This Committee, having examined into these circumstances, have reason to believe they are consistent with truth.

Philadelphia, November 1, 1775.