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Resolves on the Petition of Timothy Edwards and Sam' l Brown


The humble memorial, information, and petition of Timothy Edwards and Samuel Brown, Jun˙, sheweth: That they, in prosecution of the service to which they were appointed, have paid billeting money to three Companies, lately raised in the County of Berkshire, belonging to Colonel James Easton' s Regiment, which, according to the establishment of one Penny per mile, amounted to one hundred and two Pounds, seven Shillings; that five Companies are yet to be paid, four of which are said to be now at Crown Point, the other now raising in said County, which, they are told, is not yet full; that one hundred Pounds only has been ordered and delivered to them for this purpose, but, according to what has been paid, one hundred and seventy Pounds will be yet wanting to complete this service. That mess-pots or kettles being wanted immediately, and pots not to be bought nearer than New-York, they have engaged seventy tin kettles and eight brass washing kettles: also, according to General Montgomery' s recommendation, they have presumed to furnish forty tents, and shall proceed to furnish thirty more, unless instructed to the contrary; that the tents and kettles were bought in Albany, for which they could not pass the notes of this Colony, except upon their promise that they would redeem them, if required, That it appears to them of importance that the Committee of Safety of the Colony of New-York be consulted on this head, as this Regiment must suffer much, and with foundation will complain, if they should not be able to pass their notes for such necessaries and conveniences as must come to them out of the Province of New-York; and further, if the Committee of Supplies should be obliged to redeem the notes which they have or may pass in that Province, it will give them much trouble, and doubtless be some expense to this Colony, That


to got coats for the non-commissioned officers and soldiers belonging to said Regiment, in this part of the Country, will be attended with many difficulties, but from the inquiry which they have made they apprehend that the Regiment in general would much rather take the value of them in money, if paid soon; and further, that this would give particular satisfaction to one Company, to whom, by order of the Colonel, it was promised to be paid before they should march, and that they are made quiet at present by a promise that said money should be applied for immediately. That Colonel Easton, by written orders, has directed them to furnish each Company with carriages, over and above their billeting money, to transport their packs; and as your petitioners supposed they had no authority, either by warrant or resolve, to do this, difficulty arose here, also; therefore, they pray to be instructed in this matter as soon as possible. That they are also applied to for sixteen frying-pans, sixteen fifes, eight drums, and one stand of colours; they pray for instruction herein likewise. That they have taken much pains, by applying first at Albany and then to the principal Towns in the County of Berkshire, to provide the two hundred pounds of powder ordered, but have collected only one hundred and forty-nine pounds; this is sent forward. And they further beg leave to shew, that by furnishing seventy tents, seventy tin and eight brass washing kettles, out of the grant made to them for providing stockings, &c˙, but a small part will be left for the expressed purposes of the grant. Thus your memorialists, as in duty bound, will ever pray.


STOCKBRIDGE, August 16, 1775.