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J. A. Thomas to Maryland Council of Safety



Leonardtown, February 24, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: At the time I waited on you at Annapolis, I gave orders to Mr˙ Stewart, the First Lieutenant of my company, to be at Leonardtown, with the party of thirty men, which he returned to me, on Tuesday last, but have heard not a word, either of him or the men, since that time. The men inlisted by me are now here,


supported by Mr˙ Ford, and we are endeavouring to instruct them as fast as possible we can. I am sorry to request that you will interfere in the business, and order Mr˙ Stewart down, with the thirty men that he has inlisted.

Information was lodged this day with the Committee, that two men, well dressed, were passing through this County, who, from their appearance and behaviour, the Committee had reason to suspect. They, therefore, requested me to send after them, which I immediately did; but the two men that I sent were delayed a considerable time, from the difficulty of procuring horses. I would beg you to consider whether, as it will be frequently necessary to advise you of what may be passing here, and the numberless occasions we must have, it would not be proper to allow a horse for the use of the company. If you think it proper, be, pleased to acquaint me by Mr˙ Neale, who will deliver you this. I have, also, to request that you will send me about one hundred pounds, the money that I last received being all expended in board, blankets, clothes, and neither of the two last yet fully got. Mr˙ Neale also brings up seven gun-locks, sent by the Committee, and six purchased here by me, the account of which Mr˙ Neale will deliver. We have, as yet, received no powder from Charles County, and, from what I hear, there is no reason to expect any. I am much afraid we shall be pushed for a drummer and fifer. I have been informed by Mr˙ Davidson, the Second Lieutenant, that there is a servant in Baltimore, who has two years to serve, who is a good fifer, which he will sell for fifteen pounds, or thereabout; as his wages in one year would pay that sum, and find his clothes, I should be much obliged to you to allow me to purchase him. Of the several matters be pleased to inform me by Mr˙ Neale.

I am, gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,

To the Council of Safety of Maryland.