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Appointment of Philip Brown as commander of the prize ship Mellish


By J˙ Paul Jones, Captain of the American ship of war the Alfred, senior officer in the original fleet, and commander of the present squadron off the coast of Newfound-land:

SIR: You are hereby appointed commander of our prize the ship Mellish; and as she is now manned, equipped, and armed for war, you are to endeavour to keep company with me and observe and obey all signals made on board here. You receive herewith a copy of signals for your government. Should we fall in with any of the enemy' s ships of war, you are directed to give us all possible assistance, and you are to follow all future directions which you may


receive from me. Should you unfortunately be separated from the squadron you are to proceed with all possible despatch for the most convenient port within the United States of America. I would advise you to proceed through Nantucket Shoals to Rhode-Island. Your careful attention to these things will secure my regard.

Given on board the ship Alfred, November 15th, 1776.

By order of the senior officer:

JAMES HOGAN, Secretary.

To Philip Brown, Esq˙, Commander of the ship Mellish.