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An application of William Ritchie, bearing date yesterday, was read and filed. He thereby informs that the people at Dartmouth are in great, want of Flour, and requests permission to carry Flour to Dartmouth, for the use of the inhabitants.

Ordered, That Captain William Ritchie have permission to lade and ship a quantity of Flour for Dartmouth, in Massachusetts-Bay, upon condition that the said William Ritchie deliver a manifest of the cargo to one of the Secretaries of this Congress before his departure, and within three months return to such Secretary a certificate from the Chairman of the Committee at Dartmouth, that the said Flour and cargo was safely landed, and reported to the said Committee, the dangers of the seas and seizures excepted. And if the said William Ritchie does not comply with the conditions aforesaid, that then he shall be deemed guilty of an infringement of the Resolution of this Congress, and an enemy to this Country.