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Vesting Certain Powers in the Council During the Recess of the Court


Resolve vesting certain Powers in the Council during the recess of the Court; passed JULY 1, 1776.

Whereas it is necessary that in the recess of the Court certain Powers should be vested in the Council, or Committee of Council, for the publick good: Therefore,

Resolved, That the honourable Council, or such part of them as they shall appoint, be a Committee of Safety, whose business it shall be, during the recess of the General Court, to direct the Commissary-General of this Colony respecting the taking in and delivering out the Warlike Stores of this Colony to and from the publick Magazines as they may think necessary; and that said Council, or Committee of Council, have power to appoint Agents for, and in all respects provide for and give out such Instructions to the Commanders of the armed Vessels that are or may be fitted out on the account of this Colony as shall be necessary for the defence and interest of this Colony, or of the United Colonies, such Instructions not being contrary to any law or resolve of the General Court, or the resolves of the Continental Congress; and that the Council, or said Committee of Council, have power to direct the Commissary-General of this Colony to procure such Warlike Stores and Provisions as they may find necessary; and that they be empowered to grant Warrants on the Treasury for such sum or sums of Money as there may be occasion for, for the purposes aforesaid, such Moneys to be accounted for by the persons who shall receive the same; and that the three Regiments of Colonel Marshall, Colonel Whitney, Colonel Crafts, and the four Companies that have been doing duty in Dorchester, Braintree, Weymouth, and Hingham, and the other Companies of sea coast men, be under the direction of the Council, or said Committee of Council, who may, if occasion should require, put them under the command of such person or persons as they shall think proper; these powers to continue until the next meeting of the General Assembly.


And it is further Resolved, That the Council, during the recess of the Court, be empowered and authorized to treat with any Indians that may arrive, and make such provision for them as the Council may think best; and that the Council be further authorized to appoint and commissionate such Field Officers as may be necessary to fill up any vacancies which may happen in any of the Regiments which are now raising; and if the Council shall not be sitting, that the said Committee of Council have the same power in these respects.