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Robert Morris permitted to export Produce of the Colonies to the amount of a quantity of Powder imported by him


Friday, January 26,1776.

In Committee of Safety: Present — John Nixon, Chairman, Samuel Howell, Owen Biddle, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, James Biddle, George Clymer, John Cadwallader, Joseph Reed, Samuel Wharton, Jun˙, Daniel Roberdeau, Alexander Wilcocks.

Upon application of Captain Francis Wade, an Order was drawn on the Committee of Accounts, for three hundred and fifty pounds in his favour.

Upon application of Captain Williams, for the payment of eighteen Firelocks, purchased by him for the use of his Company, in the Battalion late Colonel Bull' s, an Order was drawn on Messrs˙ Mease and Caldwell, in his favour, for sixty-five pounds, two shillings and six pence.

Colin Hamilton, a person taken with Captain Campbell, and confined in the Jail of this City, was, by order of the Board, discharged from his confinment.

The following is the form of an Inlistment to be signed by the Volunteers, to be inlisted by Captain Proctor, viz:

We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do voluntarily agree to enter in the service of the Province of Pennsylvania, to be instructed in the use and management of Artillery, commanded by such officers as now are, or may be hereafter, appointed by the Assembly of this Province, or Committee of Safety; and to be occasionally employed in such military duty and service in this, or the adjacent Provinces, or the river Delaware, as the defence of this Province may hereafter require; and for which they shall receive the orders of either of the above Boards.

Robert Towers reports his having received the following articles into store, viz:

9 cwt˙ 3 qrs˙ 24 Ibs˙ of Brass received from Amos Strettle; 88 pounds Saltpetre, received from Messrs˙ Biddle, Rittenhouse, and De Haven; 7 bales and 30 pieces of Sail Cloth, 1 bale of Red Flannel, and 2-2 pigs of Lead, received from Thomas Lawrence, vendue master; 1 barrel, 21 quarter barrels, 19 eighth barrels, weight 862 1/2 lbs˙, Gunpowder, received from Matthew Aspden, on account of Congress. That he has delivered 100 pounds Brass to Samuel Parker.

Upon application of Robert Morris, Esq˙, for permission to export the produce of these Colonies to the amount of a quantity of Powder imported by him, the following Certificate was granted, viz:

These may certify, that Robert Morris, Esq˙, has permission to export in the produce of these Colonies, to the amount of two thousand and sixty-five pounds, sixteen shillings and seven pence, which sum is the amount of Gunpowder imported by him, and sold to this Committee.

By order of the Committee:

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.