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New York Committee



At a meeting of the General Committee for the City and County of New-York, on Tuesday evening, December 5, 1775. Present: John Broome, Chairman,

Colonel Hyer,
Mr˙ Roosevelt,
Mr˙ Dunscomb,
Mr˙ Brinkerhoff,
Mr˙ Johnson,
Mr˙ Brower,
Mr˙ Ramsay,
Mr˙ Totten,
Mr˙ Miller,
Mr˙ Moore,
Mr˙ Abrahams,
Mr˙ Breasted,
Mr˙ Stoutenburgh,
Mr˙ Gilbert,
Captain Dennis,
Mr˙ Ray, Sen˙,
Mr˙ Banker,
Mr˙ Phenix,
Captain Pell,
Mr˙ Ray, Jun˙,
Mr˙ Bassett,
Mr˙ Byvanck,
Mr˙ Abeel,
Mr˙ Sharpe,
Mr˙ Van Zandt,
Mr˙ Sands,
Mr˙ Norwood,
Mr˙ Van Voorhies,
Mr˙ Berrian,
Mr˙ Anthony,
Mr˙ Bull,
Mr˙ Janeway,
Colonel Lasher,
Mr˙ John Anthony,
Mr˙ Roome,
Colonel Lott,
Mr˙ Mulligan,
Mr˙ Burling,
Mr˙ T˙ Curtenius.

The case of James Taylor, respecting his having quitted his post at Foster Lewis' s, and suffering two prisoners to escape, having been resumed,

Ordered, That the Chairman issue his Warrant to apprehend the said James Taylor, and hold him to bail until he be discharged by order of Congress or the Committee.