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Associators having Provincial Arms


Saturday, September 30, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Owen Biddle, Michael Swoope, Bernard Dougherty, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Daniel Roberdeau.

Resolved, That as the Boats of War are now equipped and partly manned for service, and there is a probability that we may be reduced to the unhappy necessity of using them in the defence of this City; and, on inquiry, it being found impracticable either to purchase or have made any Fire-Arms, in proper time, for our defence; it is therefore earnestly recommended to those Associators who have the Provincial Arms in their possession, to deliver them to our Commissary, Robert Towers, that they may be employed in that necessary service.

And it is desired that Colonel Dickinson, Colonel Roberdeau, and Colonel Cadwallader, apply to the Captains of the respective Battalions for a list of the names of all those Associators who have possession of the said Arms, in order that our Commissary may apply to them for the same.

Resolved, That the inhabitants of Lewis and Pilot Towns be supplied with the following quantity of Ammunition, which they are to repay when demanded by this Committee, viz: two hundred pounds of Gunpowder; six hundred pounds of Lead; twenty rounds of Grape-Shot; twelve rounds of Cannon Ball for Nine-Pounders.

Agreeable to the above Resolve, an Order was drawn on the Commissary, for the Ammunition therein mentioned, and delivered to Mr˙ Henry Neal.

A Letter was this day wrote to the Committee of Safety of Sussex County, and directed to John Lagworthy, Esq˙, informing that this Board has sent the Ammunition, agreeable to a Resolve of this day.