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Charlotte County Committee to New-York Congress



Manchester, June 28, 1775.

GENTLEMENT: To my great surprise I found sundry men in our County of Charlotte about to form themselves into a mob to stop the Court. They were from different parts of the County; and we have heard that some in the County of Albany were about to join them, although many were dissuaded from their proceedings; yet some were on their way to Fort Edward, to carry into execution their evil design. But when they heard that Captain Mott, from Connecticut, was at Fort Edward, with his company, and Remember Baker and Robert Cochran with an intent to protect the Court, gave over their intended expedition. Those men, I think, are mostly debtors, and design to put a period to common law. Therefore, we do most humbly pray that a resolve may be made at your honourable Board, that will encourage and strengthen the well-minded, and weaken the ill-minded, without which we fear we shall fall into the utmost confusion.

Many of our inhabitants were greatly alarmed by the Congress ordering all the cannon to be removed from Ticonderoga, which would have laid us open to an enemy from the Northward, and in that surprise, called the people together, and chose a man to send to the Continental Congress, alleging that they feared that some designing men would make an ill use of their names, relative to the title of our lands.

This last objection seems to weigh heavy in the minds


of many, however groundless in the opinion of others; therefore, do pray your indulgence relative to the return of the Association till we can better unite this people. All which we shall submit to your wise deliberation. Only beg leave to subscribe ourselves your most obedient and humble servants,


To Peter Van Brugh Livingston, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York.

P˙ S. If it should be necessary to appoint officers for the Army in this part, we think that Mr˙ Gideon Brunson, and Mr˙ Potter, and Mr˙ Joseph Lockwood, suitable men, and will accept.