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Connecticut Committee of Safety


Letter prepared and sent to Governour Cooke, (by Captain Clark,) requesting him to send forward our Powder, &c˙, to General Washington, &c˙; and enclosed General Lee' s Letter. And copied, &c.

And again took into consideration the affair of fortifying New-London Harbour, &c˙, according to the orders of the General Assembly, and what number of Men might be raised and employed to carry on said Works, and for their defence, and necessary Tools and Materials, also, to be provided; and judging it of great importance that Forts be erected at the three places hereafter provided, not only for the defence of New-London, but to render said Harbour a place of safety for all friendly shipping of this or any of the United Colonies.

It is considered, Resolved and Ordered, by this Board, That three Companies of men be raised by voluntary inlistments, to consist of ninety men each Company, including officers, for the term, and until the 1st of December next, unless sooner dismissed by the General Assembly or this Board, to be improved and employed as labourers in erecting proper works of defence, under such directions, in such manner as are ordered, or may be ordered and given, at three different places, viz: One at Groton-Hill, facing New-London Harbour, one at a place called Winthrop' s Point, or Neck; and the other at a place called Mamacock, or Shaw' s Point, both in New-London; and, also, as soldiers for the defence of those places and Works, if need be, or such other as shall be necessary in those parts. And, at proper times, at the discretion of their officers, to be exercised in the use of arms, and of cannon, or any other proper military exercises. And that said three Companies be stationed at said three places, viz: That under the command of........, at Winthrop' s Point; that under the command of (Captain Mott, as p˙) at said Groton Hill; and that under the command of (Captain Ely, as p˙) at said Mamacock; yet, so as that any party or detachment of either one or more of said Companies, under proper officers, shall be liable, and may be called off from their proper station, to labour, or do any duty, at any or either of said Fortifications and places, as may be judged necessary and expedient, and shall be ordered by the Engineer appointed to direct and superintend all said Works, and to such orders as may be made by this Board and the General Assembly. And that if any of said soldiers shall be deficient in such reasonable labour and duty as shall be required, such deficiency shall be deducted out of his wages.

And it is further provided, That the aforesaid Troops, or three Companies, shall be subject to, and regulated by the rules of an Act of the General Assembly of this Colony, passed in May, 1775, entitled, "An Act for Regulating and Ordering the Troops that are, or may be raised for the defence of this Colony," so far as they are capable of being applied to their circumstances and situation.

And it is further Resolved, That said Officers and Soldiers shall be entitled to, and shall have and receive the same Pay and Wages as the officers and soldiers in the Continental Army near Boston; and shall be furnished and supplied with good and sufficient rations of Provisions for their support, in the same manner, as near as may be, or equivalent thereto. And the Soldiers shall be allowed one gill of Rum per day, when on labour or fatigue, and three Shillings each for the use of their Blankets. And said Companies shall be furnished by the Colony with such Arms as shall be judged necessary.

And it is further provided and Resolved, That all necessary Timber to be used in and about said Forts, be provided as soon as may be.

That one convenient and suitable Barrack for one Company, shall be built at a proper place for such Company, on Groton-Hill. And, on representation by our Committee, that New-London are willing their Pest-House, standing near, shall be removed and properly placed to serve as a Barrack for the Company at said Mamacock, it is ordered, that the same shall be so removed, placed, and fitted for such Barrack by the Company to be stationed there, or other troops in the Colony service, provided the town of New-London make no demand on account of such removal, the property to remain as before.

It is also Resolved and Ordered, That three stone Sledges, and three Hammers, thirty Shovels, thirty Spades, ten iron


Crow-Bars, twenty Pick-Axes, two Draught-Chains, one long Log-Chain, and one Cart, with two pair of Oxen, be purchased and improved for carrying on the Works aforesaid; and that all said Tools, &c˙, be properly taken care of and secured, by the Commanding-Officer where they shall be used.

And Colonel G˙ Saltonstall is appointed a Committee to provide necessary timber and materials, according to order, for the Works on Winthrop' s Point.

Ebenezer Ledyard, Esq˙, is appointed a Committee to provide timber and necessary materials, according to order, for the Works on Groton-Hill. (Copy given.)

Mr˙ Nathaniel Shaw, Jun˙, is appointed to provide timber and necessary materials, according to order, for the Works at Mamacock.

Adjourned to Friday morning next.