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The Govenour' s Answer


The Governour' s Answer.

Tamar, September 30, 1775.

SIR: I have received a message, signed by you, from a set of people who style themselves a "General Committee." The presumption of such an address, from a body assembled by no legal authority, and whom I must consider as in actual and open rebellion against their Sovereign, can only be equalled by the outrages which obliged me to take refuge on board the King' s ship in this harbour. It deserves no answer, nor should I have given it any, but to mark the hardiness with which you have advanced that I could so far forget my duty to my Sovereign and to my Country as to promise that I would take no active part in bringing the subverters of our glorious Constitution, and the real liberties of the people, to a sense of their duty. The unmanly arts that have already been used to prejudice me in the general opinion may still be employed by that Committee.

But I never will return to Charlestown till I can support the King' s authority, and protect his faithful and loyal subjects. Whenever the people of this Province will put it in my power to render them essential service, I will with pleasure embrace the opportunity, and think it a very happy one.

I am, Sir, your humble servant,


To H˙ Laurens, Esq.