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Officers appointed by the Committee for Chester County, Pennsylvania, for the Battalion to be raised in that County



In Committee, Downingstown, Chester County,
July 1, 1776.

Present fifty Members.

On motion, Resolved, That this Committee use their utmost endeavours to put in execution the Resolve of Conference for raising six hundred and fifty-two Men forthwith in this County; and that the following gentlemen be appointed Officers, viz: William Montgomery, Colonel; Thomas Butt, Lieutenant-Colonel, and John Bartholomew, Major. Captains: Joseph Gardner, Benjamin Wallace, Samuel Culbinson,


James Boyley, John McDowel, John Shaw, Matthew Boyd, and John Beaton. First Lieutenants: William Henry, Andrew Dunwooddy, Thomas Kenney, Benjamin Culbinson, Samuel Lindsey, Allen Cunningham, Joseph Strawbridge, and Joseph Bartholomew. Second Lieutenants: Robert Filson, William Lockart, Thomas Davis, Samuel Hammel, Jeremiah Cloud, Joseph Wherrey, David Curry, and Alexander McCaragher. Ensigns: John Grardtrensher, William Cunningham. John Filling, Andrew Curry, Thomas James, Lazarus Finney, Archibald Desart, and John Lewellyn.

A true copy from the Minutes:

CALEB DAVIS, Secretary.