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Deposition No. 23


[No˙ 23˙]

Cambridge, May 19, 1775.

We, Benjamin Cooper and Rachel Cooper, both of Cambridge aforesaid, and of lawful age, testify and say, that in the afternoon of the nineteenth day of April last, the King' s Regular Troops, under the command of General Gage, upon their return from blood and slaughter which they had made at Lexington and Concord, fired more than one hundred bullets into the house where we dwell, through doors, windows, &c˙; then a number of them entered the house where we and two aged gentlemen were, all unarmed. We escaped for our lives into the cellar; the two aged gentlemen were immediately most barbarously and inhumanly murdered by them, being stabbed through in many places, their heads mauled, sculls broke, and their brains beat out on the floor and walls of the house. And further saith not.


MIDDLESEX, ss˙, May 19, 1775:

The above named Benjamin Cooper and Rachel Cooper appeared, and after due caution, made solemn oath to the truth of the above deposition by them subscribed.

Before me,

JONAS DIX, Justice of the Peace.