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Certificates of George F. Hopkins, July 29


Certificates of Captain JOHN N˙ LOWE and Mr˙ JOHN M˙ BURGESS and Mr˙ GEORGE FRASER HAWKINS.

Prince George' s County.

I do hereby certify to all whom it may concern, that some time last week I fell in company with several people, who were on their way, by water, to Alexandria. Amongst these there was one Mr˙ Conway, as I understood, who said he was just from Sandy Point, where a party of three or four hundred of the Maryland Militia was stationed; that as soon as the row galley began to fire, the said Militia all ran; that Colonel Harrison walked after them, laughing at them, and never attempted to rally them; that the only man of spirit amongst them was one Jones, as he described; that the galley landed a parcel of her men and launched one of his boats, carrying her off, after giving three huzzas, without meeting with any opposition. This conversation, and a great deal more, passed in the presence of many gentlemen. I would have been more particular, but being very unwell with a bad fever, cannot at this time recollect every particular conversation that passed.

Given under my hand this 29th day of July, 1776.


To all whom it may concern.