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Resolutions Adopted


Monday, June 26, 1775.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

A Letter from Governour Trumbull was read, and referred to the Committee appointed to devise ways and means for introducing the manufacture of Saltpetre into these Colonies.

The state of North-Carolina being taken into consideration, the Congress came to the following Resolutions:

Whereas, it is represented to this Congress, that the enemies of the liberties of America are pursuing measures to divide the good people of the Colony of North-Carolina, and to defeat the American, Association;

Resolved, That it be recommended to all in that Colony, who wish well to the liberties of America, to associate for the defence of American liberty, and to embody themselves as Militia, under proper officers.

Resolved, That in case the Assembly or Convention of that Colony shall think it absolutely necessary, for the support


of the American Association and safety of the Colony, to raise a body of Forces not exceeding one thousand men, this Congress will consider them as an American Army, and provide for their pay.

The Congress then resumed the consideration of the Declaration, and after some debate, the same was recommitted, and Mr˙ Dickinson and Mr˙ Jefferson were added to the Committee.

A Letter from the Committee of Albany, received by express, was laid before the Congress and read.

The Committee for Indian Affairs brought in their Report, which was read.

Upon motion,

Resolved, That the Delegates of Pennsylvania be appointed from this Congress, to wait on the Committee of this City, and to request of them that a supply of Powder be immediately furnished for the use of the Fortifications of Ticonderoga and Crown Point, and sent forward immediately.

Ordered, That the President write to Governour Trumbull, and inform him, that the Congress had appointed George Washington, esq˙, Commander-in-Chief of all the Forces raised, or to be raised, for the defence of America.

Ordered, That the President also write to the Provincial Conventions of Massachusetts and New-Hampshire, and to the Government of Rhode-Island, and inform them of the same appointment.

Resolved, That this Congress will, to-morrow, resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into consideration the state of America.

Adjourned till to-morrow, at nine o' clock.