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July 1, Thomas Lloyd convicted of conduct highly inimical to American liberty, and censured by the Chairman


At a meeting of the Committee, July 1, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, A˙ Buchanan, W˙ Buchanan, J˙ Merryman, Z˙ McGubbin, John E˙ Howard, W˙ Aisquith, J˙ Calhoun, B˙ Griffith, A˙ Brittain, T˙ Sollers, T˙ Gist, D˙ Lux, J˙ Griest, J˙ Gillis, T˙ Rutter, E˙ Talbot, J˙ Cockey, F˙ Decker, George Lux, Secretary.

Mr˙ Benkid Willson (who, with his two sons, were some time ago fined by this Committee as non-Enrollers) formerly alleged that his eldest son resided in Harford County, and consequently is liable to be fined there, and his youngest son is under sixteen years of age. But as Captain James Bosley has informed this Committee that he was told by the elder son of the younger' s being above sixteen years old, and also by others that the elder son was not assessed in Harford County, on a presumption of his being a resident in Baltimore, the fines were continued.

Mr˙ Jacob Wright (son of William) is certified to be subject to fits, and is thereby exempted from the fine imposed upon him as a non-Enroller.

Mr˙ Thomas Lloyd attended, agreeable to Summons, to answer to the complaint exhibited against him by Captain Zach˙ McCubbin, of his having given evil advice to an Enroller in said Captain McCubbin' s Company; and Mr˙ Peter Hush being sworn, deposed that he was at John Ellicoit' s Mill one day with Thomas Lloyd, who told him that Captain McCubbin ought to be broke for sending a file of men for him, and that he was a d—d fool if he did not complain to the Committee.

Samuel Kinsey deposed and said: That he heard Thomas Lloyd one day say that he was sure if Peter Hush would complain to the Committee of Captain McCubbin' s sending a file of men to seize him, and bring him before the Committee, he might be broke, as he exceeded the bounds allotted him by the Convention, and therefore was guilty of an infringement upon the liberties of the people.

Upon motion, Resolved, unanimously, That it appears to this Committee that it was a rule entered into and agreed upon by a large majority of Captain McCubbin' s Company, if any member of said Company neglected to muster at three successive meetings, the Captain should be empowered to send a file of men to bring such defaulter to the mustering-ground, and there know his reasons why he refused or neglected to attend the meetings, in order to fine him or not, as might be judged expedient, whereby this rule has every force and sanction of a law in said Company; therefore this Committee think that Mr˙ Thomas Lloyd, in his advice to Mr˙ Henry Hush, has been guilty of creating dissensions, a conduct highly inimical to American liberty, when unanimity is essentially requisite to maintain our dearest rights: Therefore this Committee do determine that the Chairman do censure Mr˙ Lloyd for such conduct, as highly reprehensible and dangerous, and admonish him to be more cautious in his behaviour for the future; which censure was accordingly passed upon Mr˙ Lloyd by the Chairman, and a copy of it furnished to him.

Attest: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.