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Committee of Claims


The Committee of Claims bring in and deliver to Mr˙ President the following Report, to wit:

"Your Committee of Claims have examined the charter-parties, and other papers, relative to the Brig Fortune, the property of Messrs˙ Lux & Bowly, and the Brig Rogers, chartered of Mr˙ George Woolsey, and are of opinion that an allowance be made to the former for the demurrage of the Brig Fortune, of £393 12s˙, currency, and to the latter for demurrage of the Brig Rogers, £406 15s˙ 8d˙, currency. All which is submitted to the consideration of the honourable Convention. Signed per order:

"JOHN JOHNSON, Clerk Committee."

Which was read and agreed to.

Mr˙ Moale and Mr˙ Bond have leave of absence.

Convention adjourns till Monday morning, nine o' clock.