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Letter from Abraham Lott


A Letter from Abraham Lott, Esquire, Agent for His Majesty' s Ships in this Port, was read, and is in the words following, to wit:

GENTLEMEN: Having received a demand from John Collins, Esquire, Commander of His Majesty' s Ship


Nautilus, now at Sandy-Hook, for 4000 pounds bread, 300 pounds beef, 500 pounds pork, 12 bushels pease, 200 pounds butter, 200 pounds cheese, and 200 gallons rum, you will be pleased to signify your opinion, whether or not I shall supply the Provisions, &c˙, pursuant to the demand. I am authorized to assure the honourable Committee that the Nautilus is not going to Boston, but to the southward.

"I am, Gentlemen, your most humble servant,


"To the Honourable the Committee of the New-York Provincial Congress."

Ordered, That Abraham Lott, Esquire, be at liberty to supply the quantities of Provisions and Rum abovementioned to the Ship Nautilus, for the use of the said Ship' s company.

Colonel McDougall, on behalf of New-York, and as Commissioner for Queen' s County, dissents; Mr˙ Brasher, on behalf of New-York, and as Commissioner for Suffolk County, dissents.