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John Sutton Admonished and Discharged


John Sutton, (son of William Sutton,) by order, was brought to the bar of the House to be discharged.

The President, by order, gave him an admonition in the words following, to wit:

"Mr˙ SUTTON: You stand charged before the Convention of the Representatives of the State of New-York with being inimical to the rights and liberties of America. In pity to your youth and in hopes of your amendment, you are discharged. Learn to revere the lenity of that Government which hath dealt so kindly with their avowed enemy, and henceforth respect that attention to the rights and liberties of mankind which hath now befriended you.

"In the name of this Convention I admonish you to beware


in future how you shall dare to offend the majesty of the people of this State, and in this solemn manner warn you that any future transgression shall not pass unpunished."