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Eastham, February 24, 1775.

Whereas it appears to us that a number of men in this Town have been, and still are using their influence and power in opposition to the measures adopted by the Americans to recover, preserve, and maintain those rights and privileges which our illustrious ancestors so nobly contended for, and have handed down to us as a fair inheritance: Now, in order to free ourselves as much as possible from the embarrassments of those men, and to convince the world that we are determined, to persevere in joining our American brethren in their noble efforts to throw off the yoke of tyranny, we think it highly expedient to form ourselves into an Association. Therefore we, the subscribers, mutually agree and associate ourselves under the name and title of Freeholders and Freemen of the Association of the Town of Eastham; and do hereby pledge our faith to each other that we will abide by the Association resolves, and recommendations of the Continental, our Provincial, and this County Congresses, (so far as they are made publick,) to the utmost of our power; and also, that we will abide by the regulations and regular votes, resolves, and agreements that shall be hereafter made by this Association for the purposes before mentioned, of recovering, securing, and maintaining our just rights and privileges.

Witness our hands:

Thomas Linnel,
Elnathan Snow,
Thomas Paine,
Elkanah Young,
Solomon Higgins,
Isaiah Higgins,
Jonathan Twining,
Prince Rogers,
Thomas Twining,
John Cole,
John Gould,
Edmund Freeman,
Oliver Arey,
Samuel Knowles,
Asa Mayo,
Jesse Higgins,
Theophilus Mayo,
Jonathan Linnel,
Barnabas Twining,
Isaac Young,
Thomas Rogers,
Judas Rogers,
Isaac Higgins,
Moses Higgins,
Thomas Linnel, 3d,
Isaac Hopkins,
Gershom Cole,
Stephen Snow,
James Rogers,
Joshua Doane,
Edmund Snow,
Isaac Sparrow, Jr˙,
Joseph Cole,
Nathaniel Mayo,
John Atwood,
Thomas Brown,
Elkanah Higgins,
Zaccheus Higgins,
Isaac Sparrow,
Job Crocker,
Gideon Freeman,
Jonathan Linnel, 3d,
Prince Freeman,
Samuel Rogers,
Heman Linnel,
Joshua Cole,
Prince Snow,
Thomas Arey,
Thomas Rogers, Jr˙,
John Linnel,
David Higgins,
Jesse Kenny,
Joseph Mayo, Jr˙,
Elonz˙ Freeman, Jr˙,
Joseph Hopkins,
Jonathan Snow,
Solomon Rogers,
Elkanah Cole,
Joshua Gould,
Jonathan Rogers,
Gideon Higgins,
Joshua Knowles,
Joshua Mayo,
Isaac Cole,
Christian Remick,
Josiah Knowles,
Elijah Twining,
Simeon Higgins, Jr˙,
Prince Twining,
Yates Nickerson,
Eliakim Higgins,
Joshua Crosby,
Philip Young,
Reuben Cole,
Bryan Martin,
Sylvanus Higgins,
John Davis,
Seth Higgins,
Freeman Higgins,
Nathaniel Paine,
Isaac Paine,
Christ˙ Remick, Jr˙,
David Rich,
Nathaniel Cole,
Richard Cook,
Joseph Pepper,
Asa Nickerson,
Joseph Hurd,
Enoch Linnel,
Joseph Smith, 3d,
Theoph˙ Mayo, Jr˙,
Daniel Cole, Jr˙,
Zaccheus Higgins, Jr

A true copy, examined:

ISAAC SPARROW, Association Clerk.