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Letter from the Committee of Safety for Westchester County to the Commanding Officer at Mount Washington



In Committee of Safety for the County of Westchester, White-Plains, October 1, 1776.

SIR: We are well assured that there are several companies of men in the Counties of Westchester and Dutchess, who are making ready to go off and join the King' s army. We are taking all possible pains to detect and apprehend them, by raising and sending off guards. We inform you, at the same time, that the Convention are apprised of it, and have recommended it to us to use the utmost vigilance. We beg, as they may go down the North River this evening, or perhaps in a night or two, that you' ll keep a strict watch at your fort, by the water-side. They may likewise endeavour to pass over the East River to Long-Island; and we think they will meet with no difficulty in effecting their scheme that way, as the Continental Militia keep so indifferent a guard along that shore.

We thought proper to acquaint you of this plot, as it may be in your power to stop them in going down the North River.

By order of the Committee:

WM˙ MILLER, D˙ Chairman.

To the Commanding Officer at Mount Washington.

We beg you' ll be kind enough to forward the above information to the commanding officers along the Sound.