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General Orders: Head-Quarters, Ticonderoga, September 9


Head-Quarters, September 9, 1776.

(Parole, Middleton.) (Countersign, Elliott.)

The General has reason to believe that the enemy have spies in and about our camps. It is the duty, and it will be the care, of every officer to endeavour to discover such person or persons, if any there be amongst us.

The General is surprised at the negligence and carelessness of the guards on Mount Independence. Had the troops never served till this month, there might be some excuse for the countersign not being demanded or passengers challenged. The officers commanding guards will be answerable in future for every neglect of this kind.

The fatigue parties from the Militia of New-Hampshire are to turn out at half-past five o' clock, and work (as all the troops are ordered) till twelve o' clock, and from two till sunset. The officers will answer for every neglect.

Colonel Maxwell is to take the command of the First Brigade during the illness of Colonel Greaton.