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Memorial of Colonel Hollingsworth to Maryland Council of Safety



To the honourable the Council of Safety of MARYLAND:

The Memorial of your memorialist humbly showeth:

That your memorialist did provide provisions, wagons, shallops, wood, and other necessaries, for the Maryland and Virginia troops, on their way from the Head-of-Elk to the Flying-Camp: that your memorialist, being unprovided with salt provisions, and other necessaries, was under the disagreeable necessity of giving more frequently for provisions for said troops than reasonably may be supposed by gentlemen unacquainted with the circumstance of the matter, he seldom knowing when they would arrive till they did, and in some cases being informed of and expecting troops and making provision for them, was disappointed and obliged to salt, and sometimes sell said provisions for considerably less than it cost; bread in such cases entirely lost. This, together with the provision being to be made and provided at the several different places, the weather being warm, of course rendered it impossible to transport them from one place to the other with safety, salt not to be had. This being a just representation of the case, your memorialist beg leave to lay it before and assure your Honours that if his accounts are settled in the common way he shall be a very considerable sufferer.

Submitting the whole of the premises to your Honours' consideration, not doubting of such indulgence in this particular


case as justice and the necessity of the case may require. And your memorialist, as in duty bound, &c˙,