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Committee of Safety authorized to raise and equip such Forces as General Schuyler may call for


Tuesday, August 29, 1775.

Voted, That Major Hubbard, Benjamin Giles, Esq˙, and Thomas Sparhawk, Esq˙, be a Committee to settle the rank of Timothy Bedel, Esq˙, as commander of the Companies of Rangers raised in this Colony, one of which he now commands as Captain, and also fill up his Commission, and make report to this Congress as soon as may be.

Voted, That in case General Schuyler shall make requisition of more Troops from this Colony, that if the Congress should not be then sitting, the Committee of Safety be and hereby are empowered to raise and equip such Forces, and give orders for marching them in the recess of the Congress.

Voted, That Colonel William Whipple, Colonel David Gilman, Major Joseph Welch, Major Samuel Hobart, and Thomas Sparhawk, Esq˙, be a Committee to form and bring in a Vote for perfecting the regulation of the Militia in this Colony.

Voted, That the Ranging Companies be allowed billeting at the rate of nine Pence per day, for the time they shall be on duty in marching to Coos, when they are embodied there; and each Officer and Soldier, who have not received a month' s pay, to be paid it there; and that Israel Morey, Esq˙, be appointed Paymaster, who is directed to return a proper Roll of such payments to the Committee of Safety.

Voted, That Colonel Bedel' s Company of Rangers be


made up to the number of sixty-six men, including Officers, and that he forthwith enlist and enrol them.

Voted, That the Blanks for Commissions for the Military Officers of this Colony be forthwith printed.

Voted, That the Field-Officers of each Regiment in this Colony recommend to the Committee of Safety a proper person to be Adjutant or Quartermaster for their respective Regiments, to be commissionated by said Committee of Safety.

Voted, That there be a Surgeon appointed to Colonel Bedel' s Company of Rangers.