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Orders by General Washington, Sept. 11


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, September 11, 1775.

(Parole, Lancaster.) (Countersign, Middleton.)

Colonel Ebenezer Bridge, of the Twenty-Seventh Regiment of Foot, in the service of the United Colonies, tried at a General Court-Martial, whereof Brigadier-General Greene was President, for "misbehaviour and neglect of duty in the action at Bunker' s Hill, on the 7th of June last." The Court are of opinion that indisposition of body rendered the prisoner incapable of action, and do therefore acquit him.

Ensign Moses Howe, of Colonel David Brewer' s Regiment, tried by a General Court-Martial, whereof Colonel Alden was President, for "contempt of the service." The Court, after due examination of the evidence, acquit the prisoner.

Ensign Levi Bowen, of the same Regiment, and tried by the same General Court-Martial for "absenting from his Regiment without leave." The Court find the prisoner guilty of the crime laid to his charge, and do therefore sentence him to be cashiered.

General Heath' s Brigade to be mustered upon Thursday morning next, at eleven o' clock; and Colonel Frye' s Brigade upon Saturday morning, at the same time.

Colonel Thompson' s Battalion of Riflemen, posted upon Prospect-Hill, to take their share of all duty, of guard and fatigue, with the Brigade they encamp with.

A General Court-Martial to sit as soon as possible, to try the men of that Regiment, who are now prisoners in the main guard and at Prospect-Hill, and accused of "mutiny."

The Riflemen posted at Roxbury, and towards Letchmore' s Point, are to do duty with the Brigade they are posted with.

The General Court-Martial to meet to-morrow morning at seven o' clock, to consist of three Field-Officers and ten Captains.