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New-Hampshire Provincial Congress



Tuesday, June 27, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted, That two of our 24-pound Cannon, and two other smaller Cannon, be forthwith fitted with carriages and sent to our Army at Medford; and that Ezekiel Worthen and Joseph Scius, Esquire, Captains Gawin and Wingate, be a Committee to fit up the aforesaid Cannon with proper Implements for their use, and send them to the Army with all possible despatch.

Voted, That General Folsom be desired to apprehend Messrs˙ Jason Russell and John Tarbell, of Mason, a complaint being exhibited to this Congress of their being guilty of theft, and send them to the Committee of Safely in Mason, in order that they may be tried, and, if convicted, punished for so heinous a crime.

Adjourned to three o' clock.