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John Dickinson, from Pennsylvania, attended


Monday, October 17,1774.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Mr˙ John Dickinson appeared in Congress as a Deputy for the Province of Pennsylvania, and produced his credentials, as follows:

"In Assembly, October 15, 1774, A˙ M.

"Upon motion by Mr˙ Ross,

" Ordered, That Mr˙ J˙ Dickinson be, and he is hereby added to the Committee of Deputies appointed by the late Assembly of this Province, to attend the General Congress now sitting in the City of Philadelphia on American Grievances. By order of the House,

"CHA˙ MOORE, Clerk of the Assembly."

The same being approved, Mr˙ J˙ Dickinson took his seat as one of the Deputies for the Province of Pennsylvania.

The Congress then resumed the consideration of the Plan of Association, &c˙, and after spending the remainder of that day on that subject, adjourned till to-morrow.