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Letter from New-York to a Correspondent in London



Enclosed are the Resolves and Proceedings of the General American Congress. Several thousand copies of them are distributed over the Colonies. Many gentlemen in this and other Towns have got them elegantly printed, framed, and glazed, to perpetuate to their latest posterity the manly conduct of a people, not yet, like Britain, enervated by luxury, effeminacy, and corruption, but who claim and insist for the rights of men. The letter from the Congress to the Inhabitants of Britain is looked upon as one of the finest pieces of calm and cool reasoning which has yet appeared in America. But to these reasons, founded upon common sense, what answer do we receive from the tools of Government? They, indeed, oppose to them, in the arbitrary style of a King of France, the ultima ratio regum, the British Cannon; and tell us, like the tyrannick King of Prussia, that those things are so; why? sic volo, sic jubeo. But these arguments are not calculated to go down with a free people, descended from those brave Republicans who laid the foundation of that freedom which Britain has enjoyed since the glorious Revolution. We are branded with the titles of enthusiastick and puritanick; but had it not been for the enthusiasm and puritanism of our forefathers, the inhabitants of Britain would have been this day groaning under Popery, slavery, and arbitrary power. We were told that the people of Boston would soon yield, but, notwithstanding they have been besieged six months, they still retain that firmness and integrity which a good cause inspires: and the predictions of your Ministry, that the people of America would differ among themselves, have been falsified by that unanimity with which all ranks have united against their tyrannick measures. What would the Ministry be at? If it was only us they could ruin we would not be surprised at their conduct, but would look upon it only as that system of tyranny which they have adopted; but when we consider that every stab that America receives must also pierce the vitals of Great Britain, we are struck with amazement, and think that the depravity of the hearts of your Ministers can only be equalled by the weakness of their heads.