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General James Clinton to Colonel Dubois



Fishkill Landing, December 20, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I have been these three days past at Fishkill, where I thought to have had the pleasure of seeing you, but was disappointed. I would have been glad to have seen the arrangement of your regiment, but as it was not made out properly, I could not. The members of the Committee of Arrangement showed me part of it, wherein I noticed one John McClaghry appointed your Quartermaster. He is a good young man, and a good scholar; but as he is unacquainted with the business, I recommend him for an Ensign, and Nehemiah Carpenter, who has served this last year a Quartermaster in my regiment, to be your Quartermaster. He is well-deserving of it. I have likewise recommended Andrew Harkness for an Ensign in your brigade. He is a good clerk and a lively young man.

If there be a vacancy for Captain Increase Childs and Ensign Ponduson, of my regiment, I would be glad they were appointed, if you see it in your way. I make no doubt you will mention them, and believe they would answer well.

Samuel Lewis, who is Sergeant-Major in my regiment, I would recommend for an Ensign, if there should be a vacancy, either in your regiment or any other.

I am, sir, your humble servant,

JAMES CLINTON, Brigadier-General.

To Colonel Lewis Dubois.