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Letter to General Morris


The Committee to whom was recommitted the draft of a Letter to Brigadier-General Morris, reported a new draft; which was read and approved of, and is in the words following, that is to say:


"October the 8th, 1776.

"SIR: The Convention have directed me to inform you that they were extremely sorry for the necessity that first obliged them to request your immediate return to your brigade, since they hoped that no military officer would choose to be absent when his country was invaded. They are willing to acknowledge the force of those reasons for delaying your return which are derived from the particular situation of your family. These they hope, by their safety and security, have long since ceased to operate. They now flatter themselves that it will be unnecessary to remind you of the superiour ties which bind every man to his country, more particularly by those whom the State have vested with the highest honours. Though the Indian affairs of the middle department should be under the consideration of Congress, yet they hope your attendance may be dispensed with, as the Congress have it in their power to call upon the other Commissioners, without injuring the publick so materially as by retaining a military officer from his station. The Convention cannot but hope that you have been deceived in your belief that your brigade is reduced to less than a Colonel' s command, though the loud and well-founded complaints of the County of Westchester has given them reason to fear that it has suffered by your absence. They are pleased to hear that you have expressed your desire of offering your personal service to General Washington, since they cannot conceive that a General officer can withdraw his duty, yet as a volunteer when the troops under his command are, or like to be, called into action. Upon the whole, sir, they have directed me to inform you that they expect your immediate attendance on the duties of your department.

"I am, sir, yours, &c. By order.

"Brigadier-General Morris"