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Report on Billeting the Soldiers


Thursday, October 12, 1775.

The Congress taking into consideration the Report of the Committee respecting the Billeting Soldiers, &c˙,

Resolved, That each Captain and other Commissioned Officer, while in the recruiting service of this Continent, or on their march to join the Army, shall be allowed two Dollars and two-thirds of a Dollar per week, for their Subsistence; and that the men who enlist shall each of them, whilst in quarters, be allowed one Dollar per week,


and when on their march to join the Army, one Dollar and one-third of a Dollar for the same purpose.

Resolved, That the President transmit to the Convention of New-Jersey blank Commissions, to be filled up by the said Convention, to the Captains and Subaltern Officers in the two Battalions to he raised in that Colony; and that the appointment of the Field-Officers be for the present suspended, until the Congress shall take order on that matter.