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Nantes, 9th November, 1776.

Mr LORDS: I have the honour to assure you of my respect, and to inform you that I write to Dr˙ Franklin, and desire him to communicate my letter to you, as well in regard to the three passengers who desire to go to the Continent, as my particular operations, and news from France.

Captain Rowlens will not sail until the latter end of November. We keep him in hopes we shall receive some funds, and be able to give him a more considerable cargo. We continue to recommend ourselves to your favour, and refer to the demands in our first letter. We hope that you will enable us to ship this winter at least those articles we contracted with you for, which we have now laying in our stores at your disposition for this long while past. In case Dr˙ Franklin should not be at Philadelphia, we beg of you


to open his letter and read it. Enclosed you have the King' s speech to his Parliament, which arrived this day from London.

We have the honour to be, with profound respect, yours, &c˙,