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Committee to Forward


Mr˙ Wharton, Mr˙ Biddle, and Mr˙ Dougherty, report that they applied yesterday to the Commissioner of this County for information respecting the progress in making the fifteen hundred stand of Arms voted by Assembly for the use of this County, and find that none are yet prepared. Therefore, it is

Ordered, That said Gentlemen be a Committee to wait on the Commissioners and Assessors, and inform them an Order is made out, and left with the Clerk of this Board, to be delivered them, on the Treasurer, for one thousand five hundred Pounds, to be paid them as wanted, in order to forward this necessary service; and that, if the same be neglected, this Board will think themselves in duty bound to make a representation thereof to Assembly and the publick.

Upon application of Mr˙ Dunwicke, a Gunsmith now employed in making the Provincial Muskets for Chester County, an Order was given on the Commissary for two pounds of Powder, to prove some of them now ready.

Ordered, That the Commissary attend Mr˙ Dunwicke in proving the Muskets for Chester County, and furnish the Powder necessary for that purpose.

Upon motion, Resolved, That application be made by this Board to the Committee of Lancaster County, to collect in the Provincial Arms now in that County, and send them down to this Committee as soon as possible; and that Mr˙ Owen Biddle draw up a Letter to said Committee, setting forth the necessity and propriety of this measure.

Upon motion, it is agreed by the Board, that an Officer be appointed to receive the Indents from the Captains and Officers of the Boats, and to procure the necessary articles for fitting the Armed Boats, as Ships' Husband for the Fleet.